Fukushima barrier-free tour center

Fukushima barrier-free tour center



Yoshikawaya is a Japanese-style onsen resort hotel nestled in a valley next to a mountain stream a short distance from Iizaka Onsen.
With an entirely flat interior, an abundant range of rental services for your every need, you will be delighted with the hotel’s warm hospitality. We recommend the barrier-free bath that even wheelchair users can enter easily, which can be reserved for private use.


Phone  +81-24-541-2615
FAX  +81-24-542-3604
Address   6 Shinyu, Yuno, Iizakamachi, Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture
6 Shinyu, Yuno, Iizakamachi, Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture
Check-In  15:00
Check-Out  10:00


Airplane  Approx. 90 minutes by car from Sendai Airport via the Tohoku Expressway
Train  From JR Fukushima Station, alight at Iizaka Onsen Station on the Fukushima Kotsu Iizaka Line. From there it is 5 minutes by taxi.
Car  12 minutes from the Fukushima-Iizaka Interchange on the Tohoku Expressway
Pickup Service  Shuttle service to Iizaka Onsen Station available

Accessibility Information

Wheelchair Accessible Toilet  〇
Room with wheelchair-accessible bathroom  ×
Western style rooms (or rooms with bed)  〇
Wheelchair-accessible bathroom  〇
Private bath  〇
Accepts Credit Cards  JCB・VISA・UC・DC・MC・NICOS・CF ・Debit

Rental Service

Wheelchair Rental  〇
Shower Chair Rental  〇
Wi-Fi  Lobby lounge, convention hall,
Wifi Free / Additional Fee Required  Free Wi-Fi


Parking  〇
Disabled parking  〇
There is also a general car park, but you can have staff move your car from the entrance.


Entrance Step  Flat


Location  Ryounkaku elevator
Door width  90cm
Elevator Dimensions   Width:145cm  Depth:160cm
There are twin elevators in two places within the hotel. Inside each elevator is a handrail and a chair.
With mirrors, voice guidance and electronic display guidance inside


Location  Souunkaku elevator
Door width  90cm
Elevator Dimensions   Width:140cm  Depth:110cm
Inside each elevator is a handrail and a chair.

Wheelchair Accessible Toilet[1]

Toilet information   3F lobby floor.
The multipurpose toilet is on the 3F lobby floor. If you ask for a guest room near the elevator, it will be easy to get to the toilet.

Wheelchair Accessible Toilet[2]

Toilet information  The toilet inside the 2F private bath
Warm water washing toilet seat  〇
Exclusively for those using the private bath. The entrance is 90cm wide.


Location of the guest room  Gest Room 515
Rooms  Western style bedroom with Japanese style "Tatami" room
Dinner Venue  Japanese-style restaurant Matsukaze
Breakfast Venue  convention hall
Bed size  Length :200 cm Width:115cm Height:44cm
The toilet is not wheelchair-accessible so you will need to use the wheelchair-accessible toilet on the same floor as reception.
Wheelchairs cannot go on the tatami mats, but wheel covers can be borrowed from reception.


Location of the guest room  Special Guest Room 532
Rooms  The special Japanese-Western style room with a bath (hot spring) with a view
Bed size  Length :200 cm Width:115cm Height:40cm
It is flat from the door to the bedroom. The toilet is an ordinary Western-style toilet, but the doorway is flat.
In addition to the bath in the room, there is also an open-air bath, which has a step leading up to it.


Location of the bath  Tota-no-Yu
Natural hotspring  Alkaline simple hot spring
Shower chair  〇
Wheelchair for bathing  ×
Outdoor bath  〇
Sauna  〇
There is a ramp to entrance of the main bath. There is a step at the entrance to the washing area.
There is one shower chair with wheels at the hotel, but contact staff prior to use.
There are two steps in the Tota-no-yu bath so it is easy to get in for those who have knee problems.

Open-air bath Saruami-no-Yu


Location of the bath  Benten-no-yu
Natural hotspring  Alkaline simple hot spring
Shower chair  〇
Outdoor bath  〇
Sauna  〇
There is one step in the Benten-no-yu bath.

Open-air bath Kamoshika-no-Yu

Private bath[1]

Private Bath  Private rental bath "Yuno"
bath_hostspring  Alkaline simple hot spring
Wheelchair Accessible Toilet  〇
Shower chair  〇
Wheelchair for bathing  〇
Outdoor bath  〇
The indoor onsen bath and open-air bath are barrier-free and have a design that makes them easy for people with mobility issues to enter and enjoy.


Place for dining  Japanese-style restaurant Matsukaze
Special meals for dietary requirements  〇
Staff can assist at the buffet.

Other Facilities[1]

Most passageways in the hotel are carpeted. It is spacious and well-lit throughout, making it easy to walk about.


Lobby lounge

Lobby lounge

Tourist Facilities