Fukushima barrier-free tour center

Fukushima barrier-free tour center


Fruit Picking Information

Fukushima City is blessed with a wide variety of delicious fruits. Visitors can enjoy fresh cherries in June, delicious peaches in July; juicy pears and a variety of grapes in September, and exquisite apples from October to December. The ‘Fruit Line’ (Route 5) runs along the western side of the city, and is lined with numerous orchards where visitors can experience picking a variety of fresh fruits. And of course, the taste of these natural treasures can be enjoyed on-site.
Venue: Fruit Line (Route 5) and various orchards around Fukushima City
Fruit Availability:
Strawberries – January to May
Cherries – June to July
Peaches – July to September
Japanese Pears – August to October
Grapes – August to October
Apples – October to December

2017 Peach Picking Information

Azuma Orchard

Whether you like fresh firm peaches or soft ripe peaches there are plenty of varieties available. This orchard is also popular for its premium fruit flavored ice cream.
[Peach Picking Season]
July 20 ~ End of August
Time: 8:00 am ~ 4:00 pm
Direct Sales: Start of June ~ Mid-December
Sales Hours: 8:00 am ~ 5:00 pm

[Peach Varieties]
Hikawa Hakuho, Gyosei (Venus), Akatsuki, Madoka, Kawanakajima Hakuto, Yuzora, and more.
Note: Please don’t pick varieties that are not available for picking.

Adult (12 years+) 864 yen
Child (4~11 years) 648 yen
Infant (3 and under) FREE
Large Spaces: 13
Cars: 20
Fukushima Kotsu Bus:
Route: Nakano (Not available weekends or public holidays)
Bus Stop: Zatomachi (Additional 10 mins walk)
Fukushima Kotsu Iizaka Line:
Station: Hirano Station (Additional 30 mins walk)
7 minutes from Fukushima Iizaka IC on the Tohoku Expressway.
3 minutes from Fukushima Ozaso IC on the Tohoku Expressway.
[Shuttle Bus] No
TEL: 024-542-1460
FAX: 024-542-1119
Toilet: Yes
Disabled Toilet: Yes
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Available in rainy weather: Yes (Umbrella Required)
Group Bookings: Yes

Wheelchair Accessible Toilet:Yes

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