Fukushima barrier-free tour center

Fukushima barrier-free tour center


Aizu Bukeyashiki (Aizu Samurai Residence)

Aizu Bukeyashiki

Aizu Bukeyashiki is a museum complex centred around the residence of Saigo Tanomo, who was a chief retainer in the Aizu domain. There is the Historical Walk Zone with the former bailiff’s office which has been designated an important cultural asset, a tea room, rice mill and  the Aizu historical archives; Kokon, where you can purchase Aizu crafts and souvenirs; and the restaurant Kuyotei, where you can taste local Aizu cuisine.


Phone  +81-242-28-2525
Address   1 Innai Ishiyama, Higashiyamamachi, Aizuwakamatsu City,Fukushima Prefecture
1 Innai Ishiyama, Higashiyamamachi, Aizuwakamatsu City,Fukushima Prefecture
Opening Hours
【 April - November】8:30~17:00 /【November - March】9:00~16:30
 *Visit requires about one hour
Admission Fee
Admission Adults 850 yen
Junior high and high school student 550 yen
Elementary school student 450 yen
Open 365 days


Airplane  Approx. 90 minutes by car from Fukushima Airport to the Aizuwakamatsu Interchange
Train  Taxi (7 minutes) or bus (15 minutes) from Aizuwakamatsu Station
Car  Approx. 15 minutes by car from the Aizuwakamatsu Interchange on the Banetsu Expressway
From JR Aizuwakamatsu Station catch the Haikarasan or Akabe route buses (Machinaka Shuyu Bus) and alight at the Aizu Bukeyashiki bus stop.
Because it is an outdoor complex, there are no doors at the entrance. There are stairs at the front entrance.

Accessibility Information

Disabled parking  〇
Wheelchair Accessible Toilet  〇
Nursing Room  ×
Foreign Language Staff  ×
Signage  〇 English
Foreign Language Website  ×
Accepts Credit Cards  Souvenir shop only
Assistance dog 〇

Rental Service

Wheelchair Rental  〇
Ticket office
Ticket office
Ticket office


Parking  〇
Disabled parking  〇

Disabled parking

Disabled parking


Entrance Step  13 cm × 30 steps
As it is an outdoor complex, there are no doors at the entrance. There are stairs at the front entrance. There is, however, a separate entrance for wheelchair users and others who have difficulty with stairs via the restaurant Kuyotei or the souvenir shop Kokon. Inside there is an elevator by which you may enter the complex. The entrance to Kuyotei has a ramp and there are no steps at the entrance to Kokon. Both have automatic doors.

Restaurant Kuyotei There are stairs from the carpark to the front entrance, but you can enter via the elevator inside the restaurant Kuyotei.

Souvenir shop Kokon

Restaurant Kuyotei


Location  In the building with restaurant Kuyotei and souvenir shop Kokon
Elevator Dimensions  Width 140 cm × depth 136 cm

Wheelchair Accessible Toilet[1]

Toilet information  Outside souvenir shop Kokon
Warm water washing toilet seat  ×
Ostomate facility  ×
Multipurpose bed  ×
Baby chair  ×
Baby seat  〇
Foreign language Instructions  ×
Go through Kokon and it is outside in the toilet block. (Along with the general toilets.)


Vegetarian meals  ×
Halal food  ×
Foreign languages menu  ×
In the building with restaurant Kuyotei
There are two entrances: one from the carpark and one from within the complex. The building is two-story with an elevator that may be used to enter the complex.

restaurant Kuyotei
restaurant Kuyotei

Other Facilities[1]

The path within the complex is partially wheelchair-accessible, but there is also a separate path for use during winter that may be used by wheelchair users year round. Please notify the staff if you wish to use the winter path.

Tourist Facilities