Fukushima barrier-free tour center

Fukushima barrier-free tour center


Hoshi no Mura Observatory (Hoshi no Mura Tenmondai)

Hoshi no Mura Observatory

The observatory has a 65cm reflector astronomical telescope, the largest in Fukushima Prefecture, from which you can stargaze. In addition to the observation room with this telescope, there is also a planetarium. You can experience the mystery of the universe under the clear Abukuma Kogen sky lauded as a stargazing treasury.


Phone  +81-247-78-3638
Address   60-1 Nukatsuka, Kanmata, Takinemachi, Tamura City,Fukushima Prefecture
60-1 Nukatsuka, Kanmata, Takinemachi, Tamura City,Fukushima Prefecture
Opening Hours
Opening Hours
April.1~October.31  9:00~17:00
 November.1~March.31 10:00~16:00

Also open on Saturday Night
April.~October. 19:00~21:00
November.~ December. 18:00~20:00

*Closed for night on Saturday night from visits January-March due to risk of freezing.

Admission Fee
Adults and high school students 500 yen/ Junior High school students and elementary school students 300 yen
The observatory is closed on different days each month. Please check the website for details.
*Closed on Saturday nights January-March due to sub-zero temperatures .


Train  Approx. 5 minutes by taxi from Kanmata Station on the Banetsu East Line
Car  Approx. 15 minutes by car from the Ono Interchange on the Banetsu Expressway
Senior discount applies to groups of 15 or more.
The planetarium is next to the main building with the reception desk.

Accessibility Information

Disabled parking  〇
Wheelchair Accessible Toilet  〇
Foreign Language Staff  ×
Foreign Language Website  ×
Disabled parking ○
Accessible Toilet○
Nursing Room×
Foreign language sutaff ×
Foreign language Website ×

Rental Service

Wi-Fi  ×
Ticket office
Ticket office
Ticket office


Parking  〇
Disabled parking  〇
駐車場から建物まで段差あり  その段差1段の高さ8 cm

Disabled parking space

Disabled parking space

Disabled parking space


Door Width  160cm
Entrance Step  8cm × 1 steps
Type of door: Manual (hinged)
Width of opening: 160cm
Steps at entrance: One 8cm step
Step removed: No



Wheelchair Accessible Toilet[1]

Baby seat  〇
Sliding door
Width 88㎝

Multi-purpose restroom

Other Facilities[1]

Other equipment in this facility  Planetarium


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